A digital solution for infection prevention & control


20% of bed capacity in UK hospitals is occupied by patients who should already be home. 5% of all patients suffer an HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection), and overstay in hospital by an average of 9 days. Moreover, 22,000 people die from HAIs yearly in the UK.


Proxximos tracks all transmission pathways in real-time, by using wearable proprietary technology. When an infection is discovered, healthcare staff and management can immediately identify people who may be infected and areas that may be contaminated. Cleaning, isolation and testing can then be implemented quickly and accurately to prevent further spread of the infection. Workloads (risk assessments anddirecting mitigation actions) can be largely automated. Information is continuously gathered, thus improving the technology algorithms and providing learnings on how best to reduce cross-infections.


An Oxford University study published in The Lancet Digital Health found that, at deployment of Proxximos during the Covid-19 outbreak, the Isle of Wight had the third highest R rate of the 150 districts in the UK (R=1.3). Three weeks after the deployment Proxximos’ tech, the Isle of Wight had the 12th lowest R rate in the UK (R=0.5), and the disease had effectively disappeared. The team has more than quadrupled the performance of the product since that trial.

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