Brain training for employee wellbeing

Neroes Corporate

Whether it’s due to stress, anxiety or a lack of career development opportunities, many people wish they could leave their job. Staff turnover is resource-heavy for businesses and disruptive to team dynamics. Keeping employees happy is the key to retention.


Neroes’ Mental Training Platform is a computer game controlled using only the user’s brain, via a headset. Adaptive algorithms adjust the training sessions to the user to maximise brain performance. After three months, users can expect improved emotional control, more self-confidence, reduced anxiety, and better decision making. Employers can see the benefits of this platform, since happier and more productive team members lead to improved staff retention.


Evident in terms of impact is Maria João Souto’s testimonial, Co-Founder of Valadares Souto:

“I managed to internally reduce the impact of a professional problem that was affecting me emotionally in just one training session.”


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