Protecting and growing talent through staff sharing


TheHIVE Enterprise delivers a B2B staff sharing marketplace. Through AI curated B2B matching, this helps non-competing businesses increase their productivity, reduce recruitment and redundancy costs, and enhance employee retention and advocacy. Access to pre-vetted, reliable talent at affordable and flexible rates, is made possible in completely innovative ways.


Business clients can join the marketplace and provide the CVs of staff to share – whether furloughed, at risk of redundancy, or underutilised due to drop in workload – and/or the Job Descriptions of the roles they would be seeking support for.

Innovative AI and modern UX techniques optimise the onboarding, vetting and matching experience between businesses, thus presenting ideal matches at no upfront cost and in a fraction of the conventional hiring time, through legally sound, secure, and financially viable channels.

Matchings are confirmed in B2B agreements stipulating the secondment of shared staff and defining the scope of work, project/task duration, capacity, and rates agreed between the matched parties.



Having launched in the second quarter of 2020, TheHIVE Enterprise is the first organisation of its type globally, already servicing (as of June 2021) a pool of 180 business clients and growing.


Just reach out to TheHIVE Enterprise team. Whether your business is looking to (a) hire top-talent with the flexibility and affordability of freelancers but value the reliability of premium contractors, (b) explore funded leadership and development opportunities for its highly-valued staff, or (c) for an alternative to furloughing staff to protect their jobs post 2021, business clients can start their journey with TheHIVE by filling their short webform and register their interest.


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We matchmake you with the right investors and / or client-side decision makers.

We introduce you to the best mentors for you, as founder/executive team.

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