An environmental impact measurement solution


Made2flow enables fashion brands to measure their environmental impact across the supply chain in a seamless and accurate manner.

How does it work?  

Made2flow’s machine learning-based technology automates the data gathering, data validation and data analysis processes, thus allowing brands to understand their environmental impact (e.g. CO2, water depletion, energy consumption etc.), and gain oversight over their supply chain impact hotspots.


Where to start?

Made2flow offers brands different onboarding options to support their specific requirements and available data sources. The impact calculation could be based on existing data or by using advanced data gathering and validation solutions.

Who is doing it?

All major brands track their impact and undertake different initiatives to reduce it.

Made2Flow’s customers are very sustainable mid-size brands and factories, as well as big corporations, such as: Zalando, People Tree, Maritas Denim etc. 



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