Authenticating sustainability with blockchain


Solution summary

Dutch company, Waste2Wear has launched a collection of eco-fabrics that uses plastic bottles. The company uses blockchain technology to provide complete transparency along the supply chain.

How does it work?

Waste2wear’s blockchain-compliant supply chain enables customers to trace recycled materials back to their source. Every step along the supply chain is recorded in a blockchain, allowing consumers to see the steps in the journey of a garment and verify the eco-credentials of a particular product

Upon request, Waste2wear can provide customers with QR codes that show the whole journey of the product.


Who is doing it?

Waste2wear has collaborated with several brands including A-dam, Oilily and MYoMY. The company also works with Dutch designer, Fabienne Chapot.



Where to start?

Brands can connect with Waste2wear through the company’s website to find out more about producing eco-fabrics made from ocean waste.


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