Bio-based materials for plastic bag alternatives


Plastic bags are a big problem, with an estimated 1 trillion bags consumed worldwide every year. Avani’s cassava-based eco bags are designed to be an alternative for retailers and consumers, to help reduce our dependence on plastic.

How does it work?

Avani’s bags are made from 100% bio-based materials including cassava, and printed using eco-friendly ink. They can be recycled with paper, and they’re also decomposable. Even if the bags end up in water they dissolve and are safe if consumed by animals.


Who is doing it?

Avani was established in Indonesia in 2014, and now makes a range of products which are alternatives to plastics, including food containers, disposable cutlery and straws.



Where to start?

Avani’s eco bag and other alternatives have potential uses across a range of industries, and the company currently has several clients in the food and hospitality industry, including Heienken, Accor Hotels, and Marriott International.


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