Complimentary products programs


Rather than relying on the consumer to recycle packaging, Lush has created a closed-loop system by providing incentives for consumers to return pots in-store. 

How does it work?

Lush rewards the customer with a fresh face mask for every five pots returned in-store. As the face mask also comes in a black pot, the customer has an incentive to continue purchasing products to collect enough packaging for a gift. 


Who is doing it?

As well as Lush, Mac is another example of a household brand that incentivizes its customers to return packaging. For every six empty containers, Mac rewards its customers with a free lipstick or eyeshadow. A Lush fresh face mask currently retails for around £9, while a Mac lipstick retails for £10.50, providing a significant incentive for the consumer to return the packaging.

Lush sends the black pots to the Green Hub, where they are melted down and remade into new black pots. 




Where to start?

A recycling program works well for fashion and beauty products, as customers have the chance to ’earn’ a premium product by returning packaging that they would have otherwise disposed of in the bin. Moreover, it gets consumers into the physical store, increasing footfall, and potentially increasing opportunities for the brand to enhance the in-store experience. 


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