Edible alternatives for beverage packaging


The packaging start-up, NotPla, makes Ooho, which is an edible and biodegradable alternative to packaging for beverages and sauces.  

How does it work?

NotPla makes the packaging from a material produced from seaweed and plants. Ooho naturally biodegrades in 4-6 weeks. It is also edible, which means consumers can eat the packaging. Oohos can replace plastic bottles and cups for running events, races, and sporting events. Event planners can also use Oohos for cocktails for festivals or private events. Notpla’s packaging can also serve the food industry in terms of using seaweed-based packaging for sachets and sauces. 


Who is doing it?

In 2019, at London’s Virgin Money Marathon, edible liquid capsules were trialed, following a successful trial at The Vitality Big Half. Lucozade Sport issued more than 30,000 Oohos to runners at the marathon. Food sachets are another use of seaweed-based packaging. In 2019, Hellman partnered with JustEat to trial seaweed sauce packets in partner restaurants, removing the need for single-use plastic.  




Where to start?

Ooho is not currently available for retail purchase, but event organizers can use the plastic alternative for one-off functions or sporting events. At the moment, the use of Ooho is mainly for the replacement of cups and plastic bottles. Notpla is also looking at other ways to eliminate single-use packaging, including heat sealable films, sachets for non-food products, and nets for carrying natural produce. 


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