Efficiency monitoring tech for CPGs


Efficiency is important for all organisations, but lack of data or information overload leaves organisations vulnerable, unable to make the best decisions. There is no easy and integrated way to gather and analyse data without human interference.


Scemai’s watchdog system for analysis, collection and monitoring of offline and online data uses AI algorithms designed for immediate viewing. Applicable to any industry, their non-invasive and agnostic system processes all relevant information and generates the insights needed to make and support the best operational decisions, even anticipating maintenance of industrial assets and resources.




With several awards under their belt already, Scemai has had no problem attracting early clients that are making the most of their AI monitoring platform.

Unlock capital for growth and sign with the right investors

Circklo's Start-up Configurator is designed to offer you insights into the dos and don’ts of venture capital financing, while making it easier for you to scale. 

We matchmake you with the right investors and / or client-side decision makers.

We introduce you to the best mentors for you, as founder/executive team.

We take pitch readiness to a whole new level (just ask our start-ups!), and our own team of investors show you the playbook of term sheet negotiation, start-up valuation and cap tables for all your fundraising scenarios. 

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