Enhance packaging to reduce disposable cups


Costa launched the UK’s first Contactless Reusable Clever Cup, allowing customers to pay for their coffee without having to reach for their wallet or phone. 

How does it work?

Barclaycard’s bPay technology is used to power the design of the cup. It comes with a bPay chip that manufacturers insert into the cup’s removable silicone base. The cup acts as a prepaid account, which can be topped up with a credit card using the bPay app. As the chip links to contactless payment, consumers can use the cup to pay for anything, as use it as they would a contactless credit card. As well as convenience, the consumer also receives discounts from using a reusable cup.


Who is doing it?

Many other coffee shop chains are offering reusable cups, but Costa is the first to integrate payment to transform the reusable cup into a connected device. 



Where to start?

Brands can think about reusable cups and containers and consider incorporating dual function to encourage uptake by customers. 


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