Increasing fresh food shelf-life


Apeel is a plant-derived solution designed to increase the shelf life of fresh foods, reduce reliance on refrigeration, and cut down on the use of single-use plastic for fruits and vegetables. 

How does it work?

Apeel uses natural materials found in fruit to create a thin, edible peel on the outside surface of the fruit, which slows down the rate of water loss and oxidation. The balance between food spoilage and the use of plastic is not an easy tradeoff; research has shown that the use of plastic can extend the life of fresh food. Apeel creates a third option that allows supermarkets to avoid food spoilage while also reducing plastic waste, thus putting an end to the food waste vs. plastic debate.

In trials, Apeel has shown to double or triple the shelf life of many fruits and vegetables. 


Who is doing it?

In 2019, Apeel partnered with Houweling’s to bring plastic-free cucumbers to supermarkets in 2020. The plant-based coating has shown to be as effective as shrink wrap in terms of preserving the shelf life of cucumbers. There are estimates to indicate that the partnership will reduce plastic use by 60,000 pounds a year. 



Where to start?

Apeel works with many companies at different points in the food supply chain. The company works with food suppliers, food distributors, and operators, and retailers. 


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