Laboratory-grown exotic leather

Corium Biotech

Animal welfare and illegally traded exotic leather have compromised the supply chain luxury fashion brands used to rely on. Their brand values and sustainability commitments are at risk given the buyers’ expectations on supply chain transparency. Current artificial alternatives cannot match animal leather qualities.


Corium Biotech’s patented process is a world-first, allowing for real exotic leathers to be sustainably grown in laboratory conditions without sacrificing any exotic animals, cruelty-free, and with a full traceability in terms of supply chain transparency. A one-time only extraction of cells from the animal is all that is required (under sedation and in extremely harmless conditions) to manufacture lab-grown skins for processing – a process that saves billions of litres of water per year,  millions of exotic animals, and has a zero impact on the wildlife ecosystem.


Although still prototyping in 2022, Corium Biotech expects to license its patented production method to luxury fashion houses by 2023.

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