Provide customers with raw materials


DoTerra is a provider of essential oils; the company provides customers with the raw materials to produce their own cleaning products, thereby reducing the reliance on commercial cleaning products and reducing the amount of associated packaging.

How does it work?

DoTerra encourages consumers to make cleaning products at home, which is not only cheaper but also reduces the amount of disposable plastic waste.

Encouraging customers to make their own is a win-win: they get a more natural product at a better price with better outcomes for the environment. One product can replace for multiple purposes, which means less clutter and better value for money. 


Who is doing it?

DoTerra is one of many companies that are encouraging consumers to make their products at home. A typical cleaning product can consist of 90 percent water. Some companies are providing raw materials, while others offer products in dehydrated forms where the consumer adds the water.

Unilever launched the Cif eco refill, a concentrated product that allows consumers to refill a reusable spray bottle. Blueland’s cleaning kits consist up of small dehydrated tablets. Once added to water, a tablet can make up a bottle of cleaning spray. 




Where to start?

Companies need to consider if their products are reusable and what active ingredients the consumer needs to make up a batch at home. Launching a starter kit is often the first step in getting consumer buy-in for life. 


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