Refillable zero-waste ecosystems


MiWa is a complete business ecosystem for reusable packaging. It is a B2B solution that allows businesses to sell goods while minimizing packaging. 

How does it work?

The solution includes a reusable capsule container, a modular shelf, and a MiWa cup. The company installs the modular shelves and fits capsules into the purpose-built system. The consumer pushes the valve to refill their container as much as they would like, as a real-time system monitors how much is being purchased, sending updates to the retailer about stock levels.

The MiWa cup is a smart container that communicates with the dispensers and the cash desk system, so that store staff does not need to scan labels. The consumer purchases it and registers the container. MiWa recycles the box at the end of its lifecycle.

The shopper app replaces the information that would usually be on the packaging; it allows the consumer to order and pay for their purchase but also find information about the producer, expiration date, or details about allergens.


Who is doing it?

Stores in Prague, including Country Life and Minimum Waste, have implemented the MiWa system. In Switzerland, Nestle has used the system to sell PurinaOne. The MiWa system is coming soon to the German supermarket, Edeka. 



Where to start?

Retailers and brands can contact MiWa through the company’s site to buy into its zero-waste B2B solution.


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