Reusable boxes for food delivery


DabbaDrop is a minimum waste food delivery system, delivering takeaways in reusable and returnable traditional dabba boxes. 

How does it work?

The dinner arrives in plastic-free stainless steel reusable boxes, which delivery staff swaps at each order. Additionally, the solution is waste-free as consumers can order the exact amount of food that they need. It is also emission-free as the crew uses bicycles for delivery. Since the company launched in November 2018, the company has saved 17,820 plastic containers.

From the website, the consumer selects a regular plan. Customers are charged £15 for the reusable dabba box. The company provides allergen and ingredient information via email. 


Who is doing it?

DabbaDrop is currently a standalone end-to-end delivery system. The company provides menus, and in-house chefs cook the food. Some 300 meals are delivered weekly across Hackney, Walthamstow, and Leyton. 



Where to start?

Although an independent business, there is plenty of scope for larger takeaway businesses and food delivery companies to co-opt the reusable containers model, particularly for loyal customers or those who order takeaways regularly. 


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