Reusable packaging for storing FMCG


Loop is a zero-waste packaging solution. Instead of consumers using disposable packaging, Loop provides consumers with high-quality, reusable packaging for everyday essential FMCG goods. The company business model turns the take-waste-dispose model onto its head. There is a realization that consumers do not need to hang onto packaging: they only want the product that is inside.


How does it work?

Loop deliver packaging in reusable tote bags to the customer front door. The packaging is high-quality, functional, but also looks attractive.

Implementing the solution is easy for customers. With recycling, consumers have to clean and sort through different packaging materials; with Loop, they put it into the tote bag and schedule a free pickup from the convenience of their home. It requires next-to-no effort, as Loop professionally cleans the packaging and then prepares it for re-use. 


Who is doing it?

Loop has partnered with many companies for a range of FMCG goods, including shampoo (Pantene), ice-cream (Haagen Dazs), and toothpaste (Crest). The website includes a complete list of brand partners.



Where to start?

From the consumer perspective, customers can log onto Loop’s site and pay a 100% refundable deposit to get started with Loop’s zero-waste shopping system. Currently, brands partner with Loop to buy into their system. However, Loop is looking to expand into brick-and-mortar retailers, as supermarkets introduce Loop products into their stores.

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