Smart packaging to monitor products

Vesta Smart Packaging

Vesta Smart Packaging makes use of IoT technology to reduce single-use plastic. 

How does it work?

Vesta provides the consumer with a smart packaging container that connects to an intelligent platform via an app. The app monitors how the customer is using the household item and manages the supply. Eco-refill packs are delivered automatically, allowing the user to top up their connected, smart container. Not only does this reduce single-waste plastic, but the smart container provides the brand with a wealth of customer data around how the consumer is using a particular product. The smart packs can track many customer-centric metrics, including who buys the product, how they use it, and how much is needed.

Furthermore, the cost of producing packaging is much lower for the brand, since refill packs are about fulfilling a function rather than about marketing. Additionally, the brand has created a loyalty-based system, decreasing the likelihood of the customer detracting or switching to a competitor. 


Who is doing it?

Vesta is still in the process of raising capital and conducting a seed round of funding to accelerate growth. The company is currently working with a major supplier of home care products for the Nordic markets. 



Where to start?

Vesta is currently seeking partners and brands to collaborate with, and brands can contact Vesta through the company’s website. 


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