Students’ professional development platform


The majority of young people are not prepared to face the job market where the hiring organisations require soft-skills that are not taught in school. This skills deficit contributes to a lack of suitable candidates for open job vacancies.


Following a human-centric approach, Wisepath’s AI-powered SaaS solution goes beyond the traditional CV/resume, helping young students (17-24yo) in identifying and strengthening their non-cognitive (soft) skills. By creating a map of each user’s soft and hard skills, Wisepath matches users to the best job, career path, content for improvement, and mentors they need for them to achieve their professional goals.



Wisepath is currently undertaking a three-year trial with 30 Italian schools, is running a job fair project in partnership with the Province of Trento, and it also has two apps developed with Lattes Editori (Italian publisher) that are currently being used by more than 4000 Italian students.

Unlock capital for growth and sign with the right investors

Circklo's Start-up Configurator is designed to offer you insights into the dos and don’ts of venture capital financing, while making it easier for you to scale. 

We matchmake you with the right investors and / or client-side decision makers.

We introduce you to the best mentors for you, as founder/executive team.

We take pitch readiness to a whole new level (just ask our start-ups!), and our own team of investors show you the playbook of term sheet negotiation, start-up valuation and cap tables for all your fundraising scenarios. 

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