Textiles from recovered plastics

Bionic Yarn

Bionic Yarn aims to help solve the problem of plastics on beaches and in our oceans by making use of the plastic waste that is found there.

It produces textiles and polymers from marine and coastal recovered plastics for a range of uses, anything from fashion to industrial.

How does it work?

Bionic Yarn uses recovered plastic found in marine and coastal environments as its raw material. These are combined with other materials to produce fabric and other raw materials for manufacturers.

For example, it produces materials used as seat coverings in vehicles, and breathable mesh for athletic footwear.


Who is doing it?

Tim Coombs and Tyson Toussant founded Bionic Yarn in 2007. The company brought in Pharrell Williams as Creative Director in 2010, which has raised the profile of the business and helped to bring in new clients.



Where to start?

Bionic Yarn creates materials which are used in fashion, automotive, and other industries. Its clients include Timberland, Burton, G-Star, O’Neill, H&M and Chanel.


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