Track, incentivise and monetise CO2 emissions and SUPs


Nozama offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud-based sustainability applications and sustainability platform services that monetise the CO2 saved and the SUP recycled.

How does it work?

The CO2 Tracker tracks and measures all the CO2 emissions from point A to point B either live, through Nozama’s app, or through Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) fed into a proprietary Sustainability Dashboard. Nozama’s CO2 Tracker is connected to the complementary suite of enterprise SaaS applications focused on sustainability marketing, sales, and analytics.


Who is doing it?

One of the world's biggest FMGC company, RLG and Pepper are all using Nozama’s CO2 and SUP Trackers.

Where to start

Nozama helps its customers allocate loyalty rewards based on CO2 saved and kg of SUP recycled, monetize sustainable data by upselling and cross selling to end-consumers based on their personal CO2/kg impact, comply with sustainability legislation, and address the CO2/kg impact at once with a comprehensive SaaS solution.

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