Trade recycled plastics on online marketplaces


Scrapo is an online marketplace which aims to make the trade in recyclable materials more accessible and efficient, avoiding the need for lengthy negotiations. With much plastic waste ending in landfill, this eBay for recycled plastic can help to increase the amount of plastic waste that is recycled by bridging the gap between scrap buyers and sellers.

How does it work?

Through its website and mobile apps, Scrapo provides what it calls the world’s largest plastic recycling marketplace with more than 40,000 businesses registered on the site. Real time negotiations tools in the site means that buyers and sellers can communicate without the need for email and phone contact, making the princess more efficient.


Who is doing it?

Scrapo is a Silicon Valley startup whose founders traded recycled materials for a decade before launching the marketplace.


Where to start?

Sellers can join the marketplace and list any products they want to sell, adding images, descriptions and prices, while buyers can browse through the listed materials and negotiate deals with sellers. This can be done on the Scrapo website or its mobile apps.


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