Use eco-coatings in paper cups


Despite what many people believe, companies cannot recycle paper cups due to a plastic (polyethylene) coating on the inside. ReCup is a solution that uses a more sustainable blend allowing cups to be recycled. 

How does it work?

The plastic flakes generated from a pulping process when trying to recycle paper cups, clog recycling screens, and so get sent to the landfill. The ReCup uses EarthCoating, an innovative barrier coating that replaces 51% of the plastic in the cup with minerals. The mineralized resin blend allows the paper cup to be fully recyclable with paper recycling systems. EarthCoating particles are small enough to pass through recycling screens without any problems. Paper cups with EarthCoating can be repulped back into recycled paper to create a closed-loop system. 


Who is doing it?

ReCup has partnered with many suppliers, including PureCo Products, Cup Print, and DetPak.



Where to start?

The next step for ReCup is to increase widespread usage. Including invisible ink on the design would allow identification of the cups through the sorting process. From a manufacturing standpoint, ReCup needs to create enough demand so that paper mills can switch from traditional paper cups to those with EarthCoating. Vendors can contact ReCup, start a collaboration, or food distributors can contact one of ReCup’s selected partners. 


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